Change Yourself, Change The World

At some point in our lives, we all have felt dissatisfied, sadness and anxiety. When we want something so bad, but fail to grasp it, the sense of failure and disappointment follows. What if all of those negative emotions could be avoided by simply changing the way we think and the way we interact with life?

footstepsWhen thinking about our past, we often find that we are too attached, identifying ourselves with it. We carry our pasts like a heavy burden that keeps us from seeing and experiencing the present moment. Once we learn to let go of our past and let bygones be bygones, a whole new world of possibilities arises. Also, we tend to spend far too much time thinking about the future, planning it, worrying about it. But we cannot know and predict every possible outcome, just for the sake of being ready for everything. Nor will the fear of tomorrow change anything. It will only weaken our will. We have to be strong and positive. Let the life show us what it’s got in store for us. Whatever happens, we can always see the good side of it all, learn from it. Just relax and slow down. Look at your surroundings… Feel them, experience them. When you let go of the concepts of the past and the future, you can enjoy in now, in every ray of the sunshine, in every drop of the rain.

Each and every one of us wants something for ourselves. A new car, a bigger house, better job, nice vacation… But how much of that stuff that we crave for we really need? And for whom do we need it for? For ourselves or for the world and people around us? In this day and age life has turned into a rat race. We want more of everything. In all that demanding we forget what is most important: our inner peace and happiness. Happiness won’t come when we reach an imaginary goal, it comes from within ourselves. We generate happiness. Or, sadly, most of the time, it is opposite. Try to think how many positive people have you met today or how many nice things have you heard? We live in negative society that is too focused on finding faults in everything. And what you water is what grows.

Last week I had a 22-minutes long conversation with a client over the phone. He called to complain about some of his ads being deleted from the company’s web site. Long story short, it was the company’s stance that he broke the rules of advertising, hence his ads were deleted. And usually, this type of conversation would really tick me off, knowing that he has done something wrong, but still finds it appropriate to complain. At that moment my knowledge was put to use. I wasn’t angry at this man, nor at the fact that I had to explain him everything. I understood him. I realized that he wasn’t some kind of a rule breaker or a bad person. He is just human, like we all are, but so often forget, minding only our own interests. Finally, after 22 minutes of our conversation, we found a common ground. It felt so good and liberating to be at peace.

Feeling quite often off-balanced and carried away with our emotions, my husband and I searched for a solution and found our way into Buddhism. The simplicity of thought, the way of feeling more true to life itself with every passing word, it is an eye-opener. It is such an awarding feeling when you realize how we are all alike. When you can cherish and understand yourself, people around you and life in general. To be able to see the good in everyone, no matter how hard it may seem. That is what Buddhism taught me and yet, there is so much more to be learned.

It is not the learning process itself that is an adventure, but making use of that knowledge and never forgetting what good can it do for you. If we could all just think and act a little more positive, see good in people and in life, not just the negative sides of it all, don’t you think this world would be a better place to live in? I certainly believe so.

10 thoughts on “Change Yourself, Change The World

  1. Great read, thanks. Past curious thoughts of Buddhism, having friends who followed, now intrigues me more to definitely seek about it. Personally, always helping, doing and loving others, now seeing and learning, leaving someone out, ME ! Perhaps Buddhism will help me find that balance! My belief, has always been the Buddhism belief if what your saying it has taught you. When I truly love and believe in something, it comes deep from my soul within my heart, I fight for it and can become very stubborn trying to make sense or understand until I am exhausted! As with the past, its a very long process digesting or trying to, perhaps with the (what if) sort of thinking, and takes a long time to finally say, forget it. Not forgetting or letting go of the people just the instances, circumstances and parts you need to so the healing process can begin, forgiveness. Forgiveness for yourself and others involved to heal as well. I’ve always believed “stuff” is just that and can be replaced. True happiness will come from peace within by loving, giving, understanding, helping, believing and doing with what and whom you surround yourself with, but doing it all from your heart. Love yourself first then family and others, give to you and family first and then others, and so on. Life, its a learning process and a work in progress for all of us. Stay strong, help, believe, hope, positive, laugh and love with all your heart! ❤


    1. Firstly, thank you for visiting our blog. We are glad that our words resonated with you. We are similar, you and us. In our path in finding solution for our demons, we’ve come to recognize Buddhism as teaching that can help us cultivate our life’s philosophy and true happiness. Reason why we find Buddhism so appealing is that it’s so simple in showing us how distorted our perspective on life can be. In meditation we can come to conclusions just by letting go. Once you learn that you have capacity for the answers within you, reasons to fight are no more. You are right, you know. First you have to love yourself. In this universe, there is no creature more deserving of your love and care, but yourself. Love and kindness toward others, makes our life that more valuable.


  2. I recently picked up the book, “Walk Like a Buddha” and I’m mesmerized by it. I resonate with Buddhist principles. I especially love the idea that we’re all inherently good. I love the book so much that I’ve started meditating. I’m only doing it for ten minutes a day, but I figure you have to start somewhere. Thanks for your thoughtful blog! Celeste 🙂


    1. Thank you for the book recommendation, it is greatly appreciated. We will add it to our ever-growing list of things we want to read. A few moths ago, we found this great channel on YouTube and firstly were interested only in meditation itself, to ease our minds. Then, as we progressed, we became more curious about Buddhism, and then we discovered Ajahm Brahm. He is a great Buddhist teacher who brings Buddhism to people like ourselves, ordinary and modern living, who search for more than just material satisfaction. If you have time, check some of his videos, we believe you will enjoy as much as we do 🙂 M&M


  3. I agree with your view on happiness, too! I’m not a Buddhist (I’m a Roman Catholic), but still, I think that even if people are different and imperfect, we can still be good and happy and form friendships as long as we choose to, you know! Happiness comes from ourselves, and when we discover that, we should also spread it around, too!


    1. You are wise man Bear. It’s exactly because we are different and imperfect that we should form friendships, so we can learn from each other. Our imperfection is what makes us perfect. Like the trees in the forest, every one of us is different. When we think about that, we come to see that everyone is unique and deserving of love. Happy New Year, friend!


  4. Just what I needed to read today – negativeness has been weighing me down too much lately. Worrying about the past and the future takes an enormous amount of energy from people, I think. I need to focus on the positiveness of the present moment. Thanks for a great read! 🙂


    1. Glad I could help. Living in our society, this isn’t something that you just know and that’s it. It should be a constant reminder, so that we never forget what is really important in life. Life itself and staying positive no matter what! 🙂


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