Unexpected Treat

Let me lose myself in the sweet art of cooking… Fill my plate with warm music of this winter night and dream with me… ‘Cause dreams were never been this tasty…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes for me food is just a necessity. Although we often refer to ourselves as gourmands and foodies, speed of everyday life can cause a certain amount of laziness when it comes to planning meals and preparing new dishes all the time. So, when we unexpectedly make something super-delicious, imagine our delight.

two-platesWe didn’t want to bother too much with meal preparation, so it started simple: buckwheat with turmeric, hummus and carrots. But not boiled or steamed carrots. No, no… Carrot fries! Then, roaming through our freezer, we found a few pieces of tempeh, so we sautéed it, too. Serving time: in one small plate we placed carrot fries with tempeh and poured a bit of peanut butter over the top. On the other plate: hummus, buckwheat and pickled beet, for all that oil we consumed. It is winter time, so it is ok. That is what we keep telling ourselves 🙂

Just to clarify, this amount has been just for picture-taking. We ate more. Not a lot more, but still… More 🙂


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