New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Interesting journey thus far, our friends… Thank you for every comment, every like, every smile. We hope that 2014 will bring the peace to your mind…

  • Read less magazines, more books
  • Eat less carbs, exercise more
  • Procrastinate less, take it easy more
  • Be less mindless, more mindful
  • Be less irritated, more understanding
  • Demand less, be thankful more
  • Less negative talk, more positive thoughts
  • Less browsing the Web, more soul-searching yourself
  • Criticize less, love more
  • Forget comparing yourself, remember self-worth
  • Be less impatient, more patient
  • Frown less, smile more
  • Less stress, more happiness
  • Close your eyes, open your heart

Happy New Year and may you reach new heights in 2014!



Mladen & Milica
Delicious Peace of Mind

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