Apples and Cinnamon Sweet Flatbread

You told me you want to start creating. It is always like this with you… Friendly suggestion is all that it takes. I need to serve you my love, so here’s your canvas. Thereat is sweet oncoming…

Being foodies as we are, it is only natural and expected thing that our first post in 2014 would be… food! And since it is the holiday season, which in Serbia tends to last until mid January, it is time for some sin. Dessert sin, I mean. Like our good friend and author of Let’s Nom Nom! blog, Waz Wu suggested in the comment section of our post for Peanut Butter Flatbread-Pizza, sweet flatbread with apples and cinnamon would indeed be a great treat for the holidays. And your wish is my command! That same evening I strolled into the kitchen and mixed up our pre-NYE dessert.

sweet-flatbread2We don’t like using recipes. For us, recipes are only to serve as an inspiration, not follow-blindly instructions. Numerous ingredients went into this, so let me try to remember them all: 3 apples, 2 pears (both finely grated), roughly grounded carob, corn grits (polenta), white corn flour, soy flour, ground walnuts, coconut oil, raisins, cinnamon, bicarbonate soda, a touch of salt, kombucha, lemon zest, stevia to taste (vanilla included; we stuck vanilla beans in our stevia container). I believe that is all…

The wonderful aroma of cinnamon was spreading around the house while our sweet flatbread was baking. Not to brag too much, but this turned out to be one of the best desserts I have ever made. (This isn’t bragging, just pure facts 🙂 )

We have previously made similar treats, but, for some reason, this was something special. I only wish my inspiration, Waz Wu, could try it. Maybe if I send it as an attachment? Oh, never mind, you’ll just have to believe me.


10 thoughts on “Apples and Cinnamon Sweet Flatbread

  1. So you did make the sweet flat bread! I’m glad I could an inspiration for you two, and I’m impressed by how you just took an idea and ran with it. 🙂 We’re totally on the same page about how recipes are inspirational, not instructional. Makes cooking so much more fun!

    This is going on my list of things to make this year. I would do it this weekend, but we still have apple pie leftovers in the fridge!


    1. Hopefully, you will try it and like it as much as we did. It is very aromatic and delicious.

      For those couple of days I was a dessert freak! I made a new treat almost daily. So, when you mentioned sweet flat bread, I was already in the kitchen 🙂


      1. Carob is a tree with pods that grows mostly on Mediterranean. It is used in a powder form as somewhat of a substitute for cocoa powder, but it has more sweetness to it. And stevia is a type of a sweetener, usually used by people who, for some reason or another, don’t use sugar.


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