New Year’s Pie (pita)

Sometimes we need to remember how much of piglets we are. No, no, I know how to recognize one when I see it. And for sure this is that face. Sigh…! You’re gonna make me exercise for this, aren’t you…

If you are one of our regular followers, you are sure to notice the decreasing amount of food posts lately. Reason is simple: we ate too much over the holidays and still are recuperating from it. No more oatmeal for breakfast, a salad is fine, thank you. No more sweet goodies, with exception of chocolate rice milk occasionally. And walk everywhere, for as much as we can.

But until we get back to our desired weight, there are some recipes from last year that we haven’t got around to share them with you, so our fellow foodies shouldn’t feel neglected.

This was a pie (pita) my husband wanted to prepare for New Year’s Eve. In our baking pan we laid out 2-3 sheets of phyllo dough, and first layer we richly covered with relish, ajvar to be precise. Then, two sheets of phyllo and the next layer was onions with minced tofu and mushrooms, salt, black pepper and oregano. And repeat with phyllo and ajvar and finish it with two sheets of phyllo sprinkled with olive oil. When it went in the oven, it was done pretty quickly, just to get a nice golden-brown color on top.

In Serbia, Olivier salad, or “ruska salata” (Russian salad) as we call it, is something that is a must on New Year and Christmas holidays, and, although vegans, we do not differ much. We have just adjusted a little. Ours was made of: carrot, peas and corn frozen mix (cooked, of course 🙂 ), pickles, seitan and our own vegan mayonnaise.  On the Internet, there are many variations on how to make a vegan mayo, but this is our twist. We use soy flour, lemon juice, curry, mustard, salt, warm water and a bit of olive oil (that can be easily left out). It is best to prepare this mayo (and salad) the day before serving, for the mayonnaise to lose its floury texture.

Oh, when I look back on it, it was a true feast. But, now, back to my salad! 😀


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