Loving Touch of Music

I was in utter silence for so long… Hearing only sound of my lonely heart beating. But then you came into my life and my heart recognized that forgotten melody of love. Our hearts now beat as one. Our souls resonate with the Universe… Forever

Sometimes, while listening to music, feeling of seduction by the melody overwhelms you. It resonates so deeply within you, with your inner song, that is hard to keep still. It overtakes one’s mind, body and soul. Such an empowering feeling! It makes you feel you can do anything, even fly. I have almost uncontrollable urge to spread my arms, as if I have wings.

Music is such a powerful tool. It can guide us, in both good times and bad. When we are struggling with some problem, music can be the answer. It is all about finding what melody really suits you. But we are always changing, evolving and our musical taste grows and reshape with us.

guitarI grew up in a house filled with music. My father was and still is a huge Beatles fan. ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is like a hymn for me. When I was in elementary school, ‘Yesterday’ was one of the compositions we were studying about and I remember, we made our teacher play the song on the piano over and over again, during the entire class, for 45 minutes. And we sang like we practiced for ages. It is just one of those songs that has a universal touch of magic that resonated with all of us.

For me, there is nothing like a sound of a guitar. After our dinner, Dad would take his guitar and we would sit in our living room and listen to him play. And we sang together for hours. Music made us so close. What a loving memory.

One of the best things I remember of early teens was listening Backstreet Boys with my friends. Sharing all that music and love was truly magical. My whole room was covered with their posters and I knew everything about bend members as I could find out. It was crazy. But fun. And even now, when I’m not so passionate about their music, one song can make my heart smile.

Now,  it doesn’t matter what music genre you are listening, as long as it makes you feel good and a better person. Diversity is fun!

And what is music, anyway? Does it require some kind of a musical instrument, or a human voice? Is it just strings of notes? Or the rustling of the leaves, ocean waves and bellowing of the wind is also music?

Personally, I believe music is everywhere around us. But, most importantly, within us. When we tune ourselves to our own frequency, find and understand that melody inside, then we can truly understand ourselves. Who we are, what are we striving for. We can open up to people and let the world embrace our music and our love.

Photo © by sofamonkez


7 thoughts on “Loving Touch of Music

  1. The Backstreet Boys were my favorite too! I also had my room plastered in posters! I have to admit that the newest song/video makes me smile. I’ve even caught myself singing it randomly, haha.

    Music is a wonderful thing. I’ve grown to enjoy a wider variety of genres as I’ve gotten older. There’s something for every mood and occasion. 🙂


    1. It is BSB mania! 🙂 ‘Show ’em what you’re made of’ is a great song, I really like it. For me, the best thing was when I heard that my Dad started listening their song, ‘Incomplete’ on a regular basis 😀 Such an accomplishment 😀

      And I couldn’t agree more about the different genres. I now like power metal, hard rock, classic rock, pop and so on… The more, the merrier!


  2. I began having great interest in music when I encountered Vocaloid songs, which were mostly from Japan. When I encountered the Kagerou Project, one of those originally Vocaloid song series, it eventually became my favorite, and I found myself analyzing music more critically, looking for something that would connect with my heart! I guess a certain musician/English teacher mine is also someone that I should thank, too!


    1. Vocaloid, you say? One of my Heroes, Mike Oldfield used Vocaloids in his songs. Good part of my life was influenced by that man and his music. Losing yourself in the music is one of the best feelings in the world. Sometimes it is more like finding myself in it.


      1. Man, I could write and talk about Mike Oldfield for days… And you know what… I’m gonna write a whole post about what I got from his music, one of these days. For now I could just say that my favorite album that he did is “Amarok”. “The Songs of Distant Earth” is another one. And then “Tr3s Lunas” & “Incantations”… Those are a beautiful peaces of heaven. “Light + Shade” is the one where he used Vocaloids. Particualr in the songs “Tears Of An Angel” & “The Gate”. But I do not know which Vocaloid per se. His most famous album is “Tubular Bells” and you must’ve heard it. But he has done so much more than that. Thank you for asking me about Him. And I hope that we could speak more about his music in the future.


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