The Lazy Blogger Award

“… I know that free movement in time and space is a scientific dream I don’t expect to find solved in a junkyard…” — Ian Chesterton

But I learned to look past all the junk accumulated on my Island of Tonal… Give me the books. Give me the knowledge. Show me how deep my soul is… And bring me that tasty fries…

Maybe I should’ve checked first to find out does such a thing as a “The Lazy Blogger Award” already exist. If it doesn’t, I strongly believe it should be invented, and let me tell you, we would be the first runner ups for this prestigious award.

Lately, we’ve been gathering so many books and useful reading on mindfulness, positive psychology, Buddhism and books in general, that our minds are being fixed on accumulating knowledge, making it incredibly hard to turn on the computer and write a post.

It is just a phase, but while it lasts, our appetite is not any smaller. We love Jerusalem artichokes. Deep fried in salted olive oil, sprinkled with sweet paprika… Mmmmm, yummy. We also made lentils with turmeric, cooked carrots with walnut and nutmeg sauce and a mix of buckwheat and millet. Healthy, delicious food to keep our brains working! 🙂



8 thoughts on “The Lazy Blogger Award

  1. Haha, the Lazy Blogger Award made me smile! Also, it’s funny that you should mention lentils… I just cooked some last night and seasoned them with curry powder! 🙂


      1. Everyone loves the Lazy Blogger Award! Perhaps that’s something we should start.

        Mmm yes, anything with curry or turmeric is delicious! It must be the new thing for 2014.


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