Deleterious Emotions

It is not a secret that many of us are susceptible to programming of the crowd. So often, we take the back seat in our lives and just do like everybody else does.

How can that be anything but unsatisfying? Do we really want to be that? Amorphous creature of habit and approval that always comes from an external source?

How can that mean anything but a violence and torture of a true potential that rests within all of us.

hot-cocoaTonight, I am drinking a cup of hot chocolate sherbet, thinking of a change set in motion, such as we could not even imagine.

It’s funny. There are times when I could feel my ego shrink, curl up and implode.

By the time I was mature enough to form questions concerning my personality and destiny, everything was planed for me in advance. But that is not all.

Fresh from the “factory”, out came the man-mirror of everything on its path. I would come to know later, how much of a bull that is.

All too briefly, sparks of originality came and went in stuttering moments of deleterious emotions imprinted by the strong code of “right” and “wrong”.

Sure, you know what I’m talking about…

Empty spaces divide what we are from what we’re taught to be. It is that place from which it comes suffering.

Beneath that world we’re trying to be part of, are underlying fluxus possibilities, just waiting to be freed.

Could I be exaggerating by saying that I’ve pretty much disappointed everyone in my life, just by following that wail of a soul. That need to manifest myself in a way not laid out in advance.

Too harsh?

At a time it would not seem so… Now, that is not important. And I cannot say much more about that.

But I can add this: Warm cup of  chocolate sherbet could represent everything I stand for…

Made with love. By my love. Infused with love in a fission of ingredients.

I will continue to pose the questions.

I would never stop seeking understanding…


4 thoughts on “Deleterious Emotions

  1. Another great post – reminds me of the concept in ‘the four agreements,’ about how we all automatically live according to certain ‘agreements (aka what we’re taught).’ Btw, I first read ‘delicious emotions’ – seemed to make sense next to a picture of hot chocolate! 😉


    1. He-he, I could see how that two would come together without saying. Once you change the perspective, and see with new eyes, everything we are taught start to have little to no sense. It’s great when something you write speaks to someone on the personal level….


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