Tower of Falafel Patties

“But baby, it’s cold outside…”    

If we’re not feeling too lazy, we usually create a week based menu for what we are going to prepare and eat the following week. That way we buy just the stuff that we need, so there are least leftovers and no money spent in vain. When we made our list of meals for the last week, my husband wanted to make chickpea patties with bell peppers, so who am I to complain?

This kind of endeavor is most often left for Fridays, but this time we made it on Thursday. It was a hard day at work, with the feeling it will never end. And strong, almost hurricane wind didn’t help at all. So, something strong, fried in deep oil was needed to regain our strength and energy.

falafel-towerFor our falafel patties we used: grounded chickpeas (flour), garlic powder, smoked tofu, curry, grounded flax-seed, salt and filtered water. When the mass for the patties was done, we rolled each patty into polenta (corn grits), which didn’t turn out to be such a great idea, because most of it fell off during frying, making a mess in the pan. Still, the patties turned out super tasty and we decided to make our falafel tower, by putting one falafel, then topping it with chutney (ajvar), then again falafel, chutney… You get the picture.

This was so filling that we didn’t eat anything for the rest of the night, which is not usually the case. And all that fat and oil? Well, it’s cold outside, we had to! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tower of Falafel Patties

    1. Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty usually made from some kind of beans. Our chutney (Ajvar) is made of paprika, eggplant and spices grounded and cooked and fried together. It is mighty delicious. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.


  1. I really got this thing for falafel. It is so tasty and best of all, filling. Usually, when I eat healthy stuff, I get hungry again within half an hour, so I eat again (which isn’t really healthy). Your falafel patties look delicious:)


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