People Ask Me Why I Do It

She speaks light.

I am sure that everything I ever did was for her.

That woman burns incredible colors in my head.

My starchily personality is making me squirm from the cold of my own shadow.

And great shifting continents of everything I’ve been taught are slowly dissolving.

She blotted out all of that with one simple kiss…

That great demon of my life doesn’t have a hope of halting me for a moment longer.

Voice thump inside my head, but she smiles… How can I ignore that?

Enveloped in her lavender-scented nature I’m giving up all of the control.

People ask me why I do it, and then ask themselves why I do not respect them.

They watch me every day, but they do not see me at all.

She knows I have an eye inside my head that sometimes can see too far.

C’mon you unbeknowingly painter. Pour some more dreams onto my canvas.

Talk some more light into me… I’ll always be ready…


Photo © by asifthebes

3 thoughts on “People Ask Me Why I Do It

  1. Beautifully written. You are very gifted and creative in so many ways. You need to understand something, I’m positive you don’t see what she sees in the mirror. My advice, you need to let her in your world, how you feel, experiences, what she helped you conquer. And one more thing, people that have this much effect, it’s love, true love. Don’t ever let her go.


    1. Wow, thank you so much! It is almost as if you know me… Also, you are a 100% percent right. Most of the times she does not see herself, as I see her. That’s why I took upon myself to show her how great she is. I’m not even dreaming of letting her go, that’s not an option. I spent aeons, ’till I found her. It is incredible that you said this to me now. I would like to know more about you. You seem like a friend to me…


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