The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

And finally, here is time to look upon this award. The whole week passed in thinking how to approach this subject. First of all, thank you Mr. Bear for nominating and thus, awarding us with Versatile Blogger Award. It means a lot coming from you, your posts and faith are truly inspirational. It is a neat exercise to look upon Jesus through the Buddhist’s eyes. Again, thank you.

On this link you can find VBA rules.

Furthermore, here are the fifteen blogs/bloggers that deserve this award in our opinion:

So Tobby, here are seven things about us:

  1. We live in Belgrade, Serbia, which means that for almost 30 years of our lives we lived in three different countries, without even moving anywhere.
  2. We were raised as Christian Orthodox and came a long way from Atheism to finally, Buddhism.
  3. We met on the Internet, 8 years ago and it was a love at the first letter 🙂
  4. After being overweight and sickly for more than a year, we changed our diet to macrobiotics overnight. Didn’t look back ever since.
  5. Love and mindfulness are our guides in dealing with everyday life and our inner-demons.
  6. We like to see and experience new things. We would love to travel more and visit New York, Japan, London… it would be also neat to own a time machine, so we could visit different eras, too, like in Doctor Who.
  7. Movies and TV shows mean a world to us. Being consumed into another world is one of the most rewarding feelings after a hard day’s work, although not very Buddhist of us  🙂

There it is. We hope you learned something new and interesting about us.

8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

  1. A BIG congrats on your award!! And I’m touched and honored that you nominated me – thank you so much!! It was interesting reading the 7 things about you guys. I can really relate to number 2 – that’s pretty much my religious experience too. Rock on! Celeste 🙂


    1. And thank you Celeste, for being such a wonderful person. You deserve this award. Interesting thing about religion is that I (Mladen) grew up in a village, were church is practically in our backyard. I was never ready to except bunch of things, most notably fear, guilt, discrimination and limitations that was piled on top of something that is supposed to be religious experience. I love that church to this day, even wrote about it. But we feel that faith should not be limiting in any way…


  2. Oh my I just saw this post! Forgive me. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved! Your blog is truly versatile indeed & creative. Poetry, recipes, soul, and even makeup! Loved reading the 7 facts about you. It’s always nice to learn a little more about one another. Thank you so much for nominating Abby’s Kitchen for the award. What an honor coming from you! Thanks!!


  3. Thanks for including my blog on that list! 🙂 It’s been a pleasure reading your posts, and you both are such positive people. Loved the 7 facts you shared too!


    1. You deserve it. We really love you blog. And thank you for the compliments, we really try to be positive. Somebody once told us that happiness is not a destination, but a path. So we are trying to do just that.


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