Turning Tricks

We had always hoped it was possible to leave this place with rosy cheeks and a big smile and eyes that can see deeper than clothes and skin.

thinking-in-VisegradSo, what do you say Maria. Shall we break one more layer of chains? I know that smile. I know that look. I saw it in the forest of mirrors

Ready? Let’s go… Today is our birthday.

I wanna travel to the bones of this world. I want to stop turning tricks for mechanical illusions. I think you are right.

Once again, mellifluous color melts before us, breath is burning in my lungs, I can feel Gods watering my bones with blood, and children like us growing from it.

There is a great power in being grateful. I want to take a moment and look around for all building blocks of what it takes to be me.

I learned that I’m not to be made of rainbows and ponies. There is no contrast in there. Instead, we are going to take challenges and grow from it. And we are not going to make us a victim by bleating.

There is nothing to be gained by hate or blame. And I see that stuff all around us. I see older people who should be wiser, so full of hate and negativity, that it is hard to be in their presence.

Just the other day, Milica and I saw an older guy verbally attacking cashier in a supermarket, just because  she asked him to move his purchase, again in his best interest. He did not listen to her, he just attacked, automatically.

Hate is a disease. And only after releasing ourselves from it, we can have a taste of freedom that awaits beyond it.

Broken-chain-linkI want to go to the bones of this world, I want to honor the blood that waters lavender children like you and me.

This is another layer of chains we are breaking now. In this fragile moment, on our birthday, Maria, we come to refuse to take hate and blame on us. I’m conjuring love in my soul, breath in my lungs is a conflagration of hate in this mechanical illusion others call life.

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