Growing Older – Growing Wiser?

„…And the sadness would be lifted from my eyes
Oh, when I’m old and wise“ – Alan Parsons Project

Usually, people think it is the same, when you get older, you’re wiser. Is it always the case? I do feel that if you search for wisdom, the older you get, more you can find. Lidiya’s blog is a proof that young people can have a lot of wisdom if they are ready to accept it. But also there are a lot of older people, despite their age, spiritually on a level of a teenager. Always complaining and trying to fight the whole world.

My own experience… When I face some obstacle, the first thing I try to separate myself from the situation and ask myself “Is this really a problem? Is this something that can be solved, or not?” If it can’t be solved or changed, then it isn’t really a problem. It is some kind of inconvenience that I should find a way to accept it, go with it, maybe see it differently, and shine a light on that. …Not fighting so hard to stay the same.

light-through-leafsIn situations when I face difficulties, my husband has a saying: “Be like a tree”. When the wind is blowing, branches swing, but it still stays firmly rooted to the ground (ok, except for the hurricanes, but that is not the point here). What does being like a tree really means? No matter the circumstances, you should both adapt and stay the same. For a period of time you go with it, because you really can’t fight it, you accept things to make them easier on you. Still, though you are aware of the situation, you still keep your own principles and beliefs by staying “rooted”.

Also, you should question those beliefs. And ask yourself, are they true, and not the cause of your pain in the first place. Do not take anything for granted.

If it turns out that it can be solved, then the next question arises. How? How to be practical and spend the least amount of time and energy on it? But not only that; the real question is how to prevent it and what caused that problem in the first place.

People have bad connotations on growing older. You can get more sickly, fragile, less attractive and there is always that creeping fear of death.

But is it really so? Should we really fear death? Why are we so arrogant and attached to physical plane of existence. We wonder this allot. Especially since meditation became part of our life.

We as people in most cases are so conditioned to think that everything is to be influenced by us. That we can enforce control on anything. It somehow supposed to give us more power and strength, we thought. But now we know that power is to be found only in letting go of control.

When I was a kid, I thought that older people are so wise. That somehow all that life experience accumulated and gave wisdom and insight to all that older people around me, and that it somehow is becoming only deeper with their age. The truth of the matter is that most of them were not any wiser than any school kind, thinking he is smarter and bigger than all of the world. They accumulated years and therefore demanded “respect”, but they were not giving it to anyone else. Even life itself. They finished with that. Younger generations are supposed to do that now. They owed them that.

Why is so?  Why are we as people not seeking wisdom. How can anything around us make any sense without deeper understanding of life. We are wasting time hating, competing, complaining, judging, lying ourselves? How can we have respect, by not giving it?

“Like a tree”, is so much meaning in one sentence. My husband told me a story when we first met, that him as a kid loved resting among linden trees at the beach in a place he grow up. He often says that he can understand the language of trees, that somehow what they are saying always made much more sense to him than all of the conditioning brought upon us from a young age. He told me that those trees can heal a wounded heart. That they are so beautiful, because they are so imperfect…

I am grateful for the opportunity to know those old teenagers. It is because of them, I want to be “Old and Wise”. It is them and their ignorance and pain they inflict on themselves making me want to overcome that. I love them, because they do not know how to love themselves…

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