Vegan Cherry Cheesecake

Meditative working out with a cherry on top. All that matters at the end of my day is how warm your body is next to mine. All while watching some good old movie and melting the creamy goodness on my plate…

Lately, we’ve been hit by a strong sweet-tooth craving. I guess it is from all the workout we are doing, our bodies need a lot of carbohydrates to provide the energy needed for our crazy schedule.

Last week we bought some dumbbells, just a first step in order to create our own home mini-gym. Say goodbye to the old crowded gym and hello to more time for ourselves. We made our fitness plan to weight train and run outside on non-consecutive days, 6 days a week. Not that we are some pro or even former athletes, it just came to us really natural: decision to do good things for our bodies. Now, rest day feels like a cheat day.

Suppose this cheesecake could be a cheat-treat, also 🙂

We had a few days off and I was searching the Internet for a nice vegan, fairly quick dessert with cherries. Came by this recipe and absolutely loved it. We didn’t have all the ingredients in the house, but hey, when was the improvisation problem for us?

Vegan Cherry Cheesecake

For the crust I used roasted peanuts (always available in our house), cocoa powder, our stevia-vanilla powder, handful of dried figs and some natural, 100% cranberry-cherry fruit juice. Food processed all the ingredients and crust was done. We padded the mass in our pie pan (bowl), until it was evenly distributed and fairly flat and put in the fridge until we prepared the creamy part.


Now, for the filling, we used a half a cup of raw, soaked cashews, cup of silken tofu, cup and a half of unfrozen cherries, stevia, lemon juice from one lemon and a bit of Himalayan salt. Again, all ingredients were mixed in a food processor. I should’ve processed a bit more for that creamy texture, but I didn’t want to overwork my food processor.


We covered the crust our filling and again, returned in the fridge to become more solid.

No need to say, but we were delighted with the result! The crust turned out very sweet and strong, because of the mix of peanuts, figs and cocoa, so the lemony-cherry zesty filling was great contra balance.


There are a lot of (raw) vegan recipes for cheesecake on the Internet, and we want to try them all (and create some new ones!) 🙂

5 thoughts on “Vegan Cherry Cheesecake

  1. You two… always tempting me with your delicious, but easy to make desserts! Love the bright pink from the cherry filling. I bet it tasted amazing too.


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