Q&A with Yanic A.

Our dear friend Yanic A. from great blog Family, Faith, Food and Fabric on her post about receiving the Liebster Award asked some questions that we wanted to answer. She writes a warm, family oriented lifestyle blog that always manages to put a smile on our faces. You should go check her out. Now 🙂

So, here are our answers:

What first inspired you to start a blog?
Milica: The idea originated while sipping warm homemade mint tea on a cold morning at Drvengrad (whole new post with lots of pictures coming soon). The beauty of the surrounding nature filled us with the sense of tranquility and inspiration. It sparked our creativity, and made us want to share our thoughts with the world.
Mladen: I had something to say about that little place where I’m having conversations with my uncle, and that is how we started…

What is your first childhood memory?
Mladen: Until recently I was under the impression that my earliest childhood memory was my first walk. That first screaming joy of walking toward my smiling parents. But, through meditation, I think I discovered memory of me being born. How weird is that….?
Milica: I have a terrible memory, so I only remember scrapes from my childhood. But, one of the most heartwarming memory has to be a morning after New Year’s Eve. When my brother and I were kids, we would spend every New Year’s at our grandparents. One particular thing that stuck with me is waking up to a cold, peaceful and snowy morning. Everyone else is already up. I come to the kitchen to find them all there chatting while the breakfast is being prepared. I find my place at the table and just loose myself in the midst of their talk.

What is your favorite cookbook?
Mladen&Milica: We are not by the cookbook sort of people, but find inspiration in all sorts of places. We started our healthy lifestyle with Michio Kushi’s “Guide to Macrobiotics” and since then, we are reading and altering almost every recipe we get our hands (or ears) on.

What 3 words best describe your outlook on life?
Mladen&Milica: Sex, drugs and rock&roll! But seriously, love, commitment and understanding. We could add a few more, like a cheat: kindness, compassion, innocence, detachment and mindfulness.

If you could ask one question to anyone (dead or alive), what would it be and whom would you ask it to?
Mladen: To Mike Oldfield: “Would you sign my boobs?”
Milica: To J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin: “How do you come up with this stuff?! Whole civilizations, languages and their customs… It feels so real!”

If you won a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Mladen: I would like to go to Japan. Or India. Or anywhere.
Milica: New York, New York and New York! I would love to see the world, but I feel a special connection to NYC. I believe if I would ever lay my foot there, it would instantly feel like home.

What is one thing you would warn your younger self about?
Mladen: You don’t have to be afraid. Fear is a choice. You can create your own reality. Because that much powerful you are.
Milica: Don’t eat so much garbage food, you’ll get cellulite that even in the future, I would have to bust my ass to burn it off 🙂

What is usually your very first thought when you wake up in the morning?
Mladen: “That pillow thief stole all of my pillows again!” And then when I regain my consciousness: “Yay, Milica is going to bring me chocolate with Goji for breakfast! Let us drink Kombucha in honor of that!”
Milica: Just 5 more minutes… All I want to do is sleep. Why must I get up? Do I really have to…? And so on…

If you would write a book, what would it be about?
Mladen: I don’t have a discipline to write a book. I would always feel the urge to go and redo some parts all over again. I would never be satisfied with results, and thus burn myself that way. Been there, done that. I love to write. About everything. There is something magical in that creative process. But I do need Milica to snatch it from me before I go and attempt to make it “more perfect”.
Milica: As a fan of fantasy, it would be amazing to write some imaginative world to life. But alas, I am not a creator, more of a fantasy consumer 🙂

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Mladen: Flying could come in handy. O, o, o, teleportation I want!
Milica: Being able to bend space and time would make me quite happy. It would be nice for a day at work to feel like a few seconds.

What comes to mind when I say the word “connection”?
Milica: I guess I’m a tech geek, because the first thing that comes to mind are LAN connection, WiFi connection, Internet connection and so on. You get the picture.
Mladen: Seems to me that from the day I was born (and I would know it, I remembered it 🙂 ) I felt connected to an idea of someone. For a good part of my life I was searching that someone, but she was nowhere to be found. One day, the universe made me a mirror. She found me. My wife is my life…

P.S. Our friend and fellow blogger Abby, from blog Abby’s Kitchen (btw, awesome blog filled with great, mouth-watering vegan recipes and photos) asked us on our post about Liebster Award to share our peculiar wedding photo. So, this is us 7 years ago and few kilograms heavier (at that time still on regular, non healthy diet) 🙂

wedding1 wedding2

8 thoughts on “Q&A with Yanic A.

  1. Awww you shared your wedding photo! Very unique. You’re what I imagined you both to be, lovely 🙂 Loved reading your Q & A with Yanic A and getting to know you more. Sweet. ❤


  2. Oh my, how WONDERFUL! You’ve made my day by playing along… So wonderful to get to know you even more. You guys are such a great couple. I’m so happy you can create this space together with such complicity. Seems like your blog is such a harmonious place because you both bring the best of yourselves and keep each other in check!

    Great wedding picture as well.



    1. That is just what we are trying to do here. This blog is intended to represent positive attitude that we’re striving in our lives. We find this lacking in people. So if we can be inspiration to just one person to live a happier and healthier life, we’ve done our part 🙂 We changed so much over the years, and we’re learning even more every day. Each new lesson is a step forward to mindfulness.


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