Colorful Tempeh Salad

Bring light to my life, color to my day and food to my belly  

Since we have started working out our relationship with the food has changed a little. It is not the case that we enjoy it less (far from it!), but it became a fuel to keep us going. Due to the lack of time, we started prepping food so our meals turned out simpler and less pampered up, which led to a decreasing number of recipes and food related posts on our blog.

Last Saturday we wanted to mix it up a little, but still stay true to simple, not too much cooking thing we got going on these last couple of months, especially on the hot summer day. So, fresh, colorful salad spiced with fried tempeh was just perfect!

We sliced cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, hot pepper, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, scallions, then added soaked hijiki and green olives. On oyster mushrooms we spread on some miso paste, cut them and added them to our salad. Finally, the last but certainly not the least, chunks of fried tempeh were thrown in.

Initially we wanted to add some sole salt water to the salad for that extra energy kick, but we decided that the food is already pretty much salty and energizing. But look that beautiful sole salt! We’ve been having it every morning in the past month and we like it very much.

Because most of the ingredients were raw, the salad was pretty light, but the tempeh gave it a great substance and kept our bellies full. And to put it in our TV show obsessed lingo, it definitely calls for a rerun! 🙂

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