The Gift from the Nice Chinese Lady

When something new brings up some old memories, you know it hits the spot…      

Finally, I got around to writing a new post. No, it’s not that we’ve been that incredibly busy. No, not at all. Just lazy. A little more than a week ago, when our vacation was about to start, we were saying that we are going to write more for our blog, since we are going to have more time. Well, more time came, but not really willingness to sit in front of my computer. For the first few days I was just lazing around, sleeping any time I felt like it. Mostly leading a cat’s life.

I wouldn’t probably be doing it even now if it isn’t for the quadriceps tendosis that I earned from squatting too low. It’s not that bad, I can move around, but getting up and sitting down, bending my knees to more than 90 degree angle is… not too pleasant. So, I wanted to learn more about how I can help myself with this and computer got its wish to be turned on.

The other day we were at Chinese trading center near our home, to get new supplies of shiitake and cloud ear (black) mushrooms. My husband loves this store. He can spend a lot of time just looking through the shelves, investigating. Since it’s not a particularly large one, I am more of “in and out” kinda girl. After I convinced him to finally pay, so we can go, on our way out, the nice sales woman offered us some bok choy. We tried to turn it down politely, but she was not trying to sell it to us, but to give us. Wow, what a nice gesture! Mind you, we mostly buy our food at the supermarket or a healthy food store, so we don’t experience that much of having something for free.

Now, the question was what to do with it? We have heard before of bok choy, seen it at the local Chinese trading center and wanted to try it, but never actually did. So, if you don’t know what to do with some food – sauté it! 🙂


In a pan I splashed some organic extra virgin olive oil, added chopped bok choy (mostly the white part, ‘cause the green one dried out, while sitting in our fridge, waiting to be cooked), raw seitan marinated in soy sauce and few yellow zucchinis. At the end, I spiced it all up with some hot curry and sprinkled some sliced cherry tomato and green olives. We served it up with soy yogurt, to amp up the protein intake even more.


Since it comes from the cabbage family, I was afraid that bok choy is going to have a strong smell (to be polite, and not to say stink) to it, but it is quite nice. Bok choy, you are approved! 🙂


We are interested to know how do you prepare bok choy?

4 thoughts on “The Gift from the Nice Chinese Lady

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I love bok choy, especially baby bok choy as it’s more tender. You should try it in soups once the weather cools down. 🙂


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