(Anti)Social World

Time is such a strange concept. A human construct that allows us to measure how things change, and yet some of them always remain the same…

So, today is our blogiversary. Not sure it even counts, for us being absent for a while now. Anyways, here we are, our little world on this blog for one year. It feels like much has changed in the past year. When we started our blog, we were playful with food, thirsty for giving and receiving information on the Internet. Now, being raw vegans for most of the time and trying to spend the least amount in the kitchen as possible, this couldn’t be just about food anymore. It never was. Just… Now it is even less.

It is not only the food. Some of you may have noticed less of our presence on the Web, generally. Sorry for not visiting, liking and commenting your blog posts as much now. We just feel… overwhelmed by information. It all started in the begging of August, while we were taking some days off work. Not going to say vacation, because we haven’t traveled anywhere. Just stayed at home, relaxing… and browsing the Web, scrolling the numerous social media sites.

One day, feeling particularly positive, I checked for new posts on one of the social media sites only to find one negative thing after another. Some news of murder, people complaining on “the system” etc. Overall negative vibes. I was really overwhelmed, so I turned that tab in my browser off. And as time passed, I started avoiding that site altogether. It felt great, my mind was clearer and I had more time to do other things. Then I stop visiting social media sites altogether, only to find a true sense of freedom. I am no longer a slave to my computer or the Internet! They are useful tools, but terrible masters.

secluded placeWith all that free time, I started listening to more of Buddhist’s talks on various subjects in life. If we haven’t mentioned this before, we are introverts. No, it does not mean that we dislike people. It only means that we need time for ourselves, to be peaceful and quiet. Seeing how some people are ambitious about their careers, I would often find myself wondering: “What is wrong with me? Why I’m not feeling compelled to chase after a career, for a better paid job? “ That is where Buddhism really helped my introvert nature, saying that we need more peace in our lives. People are always on a run for something, trying to get somewhere, be something. And probably my favorite quote from Venerable Ajahn Brahm: „And why would you want a better paid job? With it comes more stress. Don’t you have enough stress in your life already? “It felt really good to discover that things that you felt in probably whole of your life have some sense, although different from most people’s opinion.

It is OK if you don’t agree with this. We are all different, that is one of the great things in the world. Being unique. Who knows what would this world look like if we all were satisfied with where we are and what we have? To quote George Bernard Show: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

So, if you are reading this, fellow introvert, know that you are not alone. So what if need time for yourself, away from people, in your own corner of the Universe? Or if your views on life are often different from those around you? All is good. We are all special, not better, not worse and certainly not the same. Enjoy life and don’t let society dictate your values of happiness and success. Set yourself free from the chains of shouda, coulda, woulda and feel the joy and incredible sense of freedom. Just to be yourself. Live and let live!

4 thoughts on “(Anti)Social World

  1. This is all very well said. Only you know what feels positive and healthy for you. Sometimes, knowing when/how to excuse yourself or simply disappear for a while is the best thing you can do for yourself. I feel like a lot of people find themselves juggling too many things and don’t know how to filter out negativity. Makes perfect sense to me to simplify and focus on yourself and the things that matter the most. Welcome back! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the welcome backs! 🙂 We do find it really important for a person to know oneself and listed to one’s needs. Being kind to yourself is good for you, because it acts as a stress-relief and lets you have more energy and motivation for all things, both ‘I like to do this’ and ‘I should do this’ type of activities. It’s good to be back! 🙂


  2. Very well put… If you need time then take. If you are blogging to simply blog, then the only real reason to blog is to blog, you know? If you feel like jumping off for a while, that is okay. I understand about shutting off. We started feeling the same way a while back and my husband and I deleted our Facebook profiles to create a family one. We are now VERY selective. Every negativity invades our space, we block it. And sharing the task of checking periodically has made it a much more positive venture. Although, do be careful : Time for yourself, to find peace and quiet are important, but in our Tao teachings, we are taught that isolation feeds our greed. It is viewed as preventing others to be in your company, keeping all of yourself to yourself so to speak, and too much of it can cut you off. Just a thought.

    Be well you two! xo


    1. Thank you for a very meaningful comment. Yes, social media can be overwhelming and having some space apart from it is really important. The problem we are facing is that a lot of people, even those close to us, are negative and sarcastic most of the time, so sometimes we just need to shy away for a while, even though we are clearly aware that it is their hell they are living in. I also agree that you shouldn’t isolate yourself completely from other people, because their presence and your interaction with them can be a good stimulant to grow as a person. Take care!

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