Through Tourist’s Eyes

Having eyes allows you to look at the world, but do you really see it, my friend?  

Generally speaking, people like to travel. Is it the phenomena of ‘grass is greener on the other side’ or is it about admiring the sights not seen before by our eyes? And how far do we travel to experience that trill? A trip to the other town, different part of our country, another country or even a completely new continent? But how about a new part of our city, or just the neighborhood you don’t pass through that often? Even walking the same street from a different direction can create that sense of exhilaration for experiencing something anew. It seems as if the key to this feeling is changing our perspective.

Why stop there? What if we can have that feeling present with us all the time? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look at the life in amazement? Your daily life and route to work? Like seeing the world for the first time. Yes, you’ve seen the sky for a million times, but have you really seen it, felt it?

If we could somehow change our perspective without even moving… Oh wait, we can. It is called changing our perception. Slow down, don’t rush everywhere. Whenever you can, stop. Life is happening around you. Don’t miss its beauty because you’re always chasing something. Notice your surroundings, feel them. That is what I call ‘seeing the world through a tourist’s eyes’.

This summer, on my way to work I passed a couple of tourists, taking a picture of the Serbian Parliament. For a moment, I actually thought to myself: “Silly tourists, they find everything interesting.” But, were they the silly ones? That idea intrigued me, so only a few steps after them, I stopped and actually looked at the building. “Wow, that’s a really nice structure!” my brain said. “And look at those beautiful flowers. They are really taking care of it nicely.” If I was a tourist here, I would take a picture of that.


So there you go. Many times we take for granted things that surround us. We get used to it. To a sunny day, to a chilly night, our hometowns… We got used to our lives, so sometimes everybody else’s seems better, or yet, more interesting. Just because it is new and unknown to us.

Instead, let make our lives more interesting. We don’t need to go crazy on that nor to search very far. Yes, doing new things is nice, but for gaining a new perception you need only one thing. One person. You. Don’t be afraid to look deeply inside yourself. I am positive that you can find out things you never knew about yourself. Don those tourist’s eyes and enjoy life, like seeing it for the fist time. Unleash the potential to be happy just for being alive!


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