Creamy Raw Mushroom Soup

Warm me, nourish me, give me energy and strength… Only you can do it…   

We’ve been gulping down smoothies throughout the whole summer. Bananas, kiwis, berries, apricots, peaches, apples, mangos, avocados, kale, carrots… you name it. Recently I started adding oranges and at first, we were delighted, the taste was amazing. But when you overdo things, you usually get sick of it.

At first, I thought it was all the fruit we ate and drank, but then I realized it was the oranges. Still, wanting to try something different, I pointlessly googled for vegetable smoothies, to see is it manageable and eatable :). Finally, I don’t know how, I stumbled upon a recipe for a raw soup. Yes, soup is what we need. Creamy, veggie and nut filled, yummy soup.

And so it began… I found a few recipes to try to and the first on my list was a creamy mushroom soup. I kinda felt a slight pressure to make this soup work, because sometimes I can easily get discouraged when it comes to kitchen failures.

It was silly of me to expect that 400 grams of brown button mushrooms and 100 grams of soaked walnuts can create 1.5 liter of soup. And it didn’t. So, I added 2-3 handfuls of spinach, 2 spoonfuls of soy protein, miso paste, dried oregano, dill, cayenne pepper and summer savory into the blender and blended until smooth.

This was our first time to try raw mushrooms and we couldn’t believe how strong and aromatic taste they can have. The spices only boost that rich flavor.

First try – success. That means we are continuing our raw soups saga.

Stay tuned 🙂



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