Cocoa Raspberry Raw Dessert

You are the Yin to my Yang, sweet to my sour, light to my dark…     

Two weeks ago we’ve finally got our hands on some unsweetened dates. Can I hear a hallelujah?!

That called for a thinking helmet! More like remembering one, trying to recall all those beautiful raw recipes that use dates, which I ignored for so long.

I spent few days googling for raw vegan desserts and was amazed how tasty they look. I couldn’t help myself but wonder why would anyone eat unhealthy, sugar and hydrogenated oil packed cakes and cookies, when you can eat healthy (raw), unprocessed ones? To each its own, I guess.

Getting back to our dessert: the winner of last week’s competition was this recipe. If you haven’t checked this blog earlier, I strongly suggest that you do. This girl is a freaking genius when it comes to raw treats!

Wanting to make only a small batch, I decided to cut the measurements in half. Our food processor is probably my age or even older than me and it shows. So, blender had to take all the work. But, blender needs more fluids, so instead of brownies, we ended up with pudding-like crunchy consistency.

When I overcame the initial disappointment of not having made those beautiful brownies, I was satisfied. It was just what we needed: something healthy, sweet and just the right amount, ‘cause no matter how hearty ingredients are you CAN have too much of the good stuff 🙂

cocoa-raspberry treat4

cocoa-raspberry treat3

cocoa-raspberry treat2

cocoa-raspberry treat1

2 thoughts on “Cocoa Raspberry Raw Dessert

    1. Thanks, though most of the credit goes to sweetlyraw blog. We just started our venture in the raw desserts territory, but we feel it is going to be an enjoy-full ride.

      And yes, cashew are so versatile, you can make beautiful creams, “cheeses” and so much more. If it was little cheaper, that would be awesome, but it’s worth it!

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