Creamy Yellow Goodness

I remember the smell of corn fields from my childhood…
It is there, that I’ve learned of pulsing life that resides in earth and dirt staining my infant hands…
I remember the silky threads and unknown depths from the time when the world was still small…
I spoke to magical creatures hiding there. I told them about my dreams of you…
They smiled…
They understood…

Last weekend we skipped on our raw dessert “tradition”. I was so sick with cold, that my sense of taste was all but gone. I could tell if something was sweet, spicy, salty or sour, but what ingredients that dish contained… nope, nothing! So, I figured it would be pointless to make something you won’t even taste.

Not to worry, we are feeling better, so this weekend we’ll be getting back on track and I will be making something sweet & raw, probably chocolaty.

In the meantime, as promised in the post about pea soup, here goes one of our favorite raw soups thus far: raw vegan corn soup! It was inspired by Rawtarian corn soup and I just added a few more bits and bobs.

So, here it goes: around 700-800 grams of thawed corn kernels, 4 teaspoons of soy protein powder, around 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt, 100 grams of soaked and drained cashew nuts and curry to taste (preferably, a lot of it!). This makes around 1.5 liters of creamy corn soup. I also used it as a dressing for the salad we ate for dinner that night.

I am still figuring out taste with this soup. First time I made it, the corn thawed overnight in the fridge and I didn’t use curry, because it had a great, sort of cheesy feel to it. Since then, I am still trying to recreate that taste. Few other times I thawed corn under the tap, just before transferring it into the blender. No good, still missed that cheesy kick, so I added curry to spice things up. I am certain that the corn should be thawed overnight, maybe outside the fridge, to let a little fermentation going. I will try that next time. You can also try adding nutritional yeast. I would too, but we are still trying to get our hands on it! 🙂



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