Banana Berry Ice cream/Smoothie for Breakfast

You are giving me the chills, but at the same time your sweetness is warming my heart and nourishing my being…

Being quite new to raw food, we are still figuring out what is and isn’t raw. Obviously, we stopped all cooking, frying and baking, but there are hidden foods that you would never think they are not raw. Well, at least we didn’t think of it 🙂

To be precise, I am referring to rolled oats. For months now, our breakfast base was the same: blended rolled oats, nuts, mixed with cocoa and carob powders and stevia. I would make a large batch of this for a whole week and all I had to do was to pour it into bowls, add water and some fresh or dried fruit, sometimes maca powder or a bit of coconut oil and breakfast could be served!

The video I saw on YouTube, about colon cleanse brought the suspicion that oats might not be all that raw or good. We still have to figure out what to eat for breakfast that is both sustainable and fairly quick to make. But since it was a weekend, I planned to make a banana berry ice cream/smoothie.

I used 7 really ripe bananas, previously frozen, around 200 grams of frozen mixed berries, 5 dates and water. I could probably get away without using water, but I am still testing the limits of our blender. When it starts to get really loud, I get scared and add more liquids. Firstly, I blended everything but berries, poured a part in our bowls, then added berries in a blender and that mixture went on top of banana part. It was my intention to make some kind of a swirl, but our bowls were so full that I decided that it is probably better not to make a mess. For decoration, cocoa powder, goji berries and coconut flakes.

Suffice to say, it was super tasty and filling. Alas, we do not live in tropics nor it’s summer now and we were still recuperating from a cold. So, yeah, maybe not the best timing to make this, but what the heck! 🙂

Banana Berry Icecream1 Banana Berry Icecream2 Banana Berry Icecream6 Banana Berry Icecream5 Banana Berry Icecream4

7 thoughts on “Banana Berry Ice cream/Smoothie for Breakfast

  1. We’re loving your smoothie! It really looks like a feast and proves that raw food can be tasty, besides being healthy. Great nutritive option for breakfast.

    + It really has a sort of summery vibe to it.


    1. Thank you for such nice words! 🙂 We enjoy busting the misconception that raw food is only ‘eating grass’ 😀 With versatile fruits and veggies, occasionally some seeds and nuts, there is so much variety! And it’s all healthy and good for you! Can’t wait for the summer, banana ice creams will be our staple breakfast! 🙂


  2. This looks fantastic! Seems like you guys have been experimenting with a new camera? The photos look great. I keep mistaking this for a dessert pizza when I don’t notice the glass it’s in. 😛 Definitely much healthier than any pizza!


    1. Thank you so much for noticing the improved picture quality! Yes, I got a new camera and have been experimenting and reading tips on food photography. I am faaaar away from a pro, but I DO enjoy it 🙂
      If you haven’t mentioned that it looks like a pizza, I would never think of it. Now, I wonder was my subconscious thinking of pizza while decorating? 😀
      Happy New Year!


      1. Just keep practicing! It’s always fun to experiment. I still take almost all my photos on my iPhone… quick and easy! 😉

        Haha, pizza is always on my mind. Maybe that’s what happened with you too!

        Happy 2015!


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