Cherry Chocolate Truffles

Once I broke free from the chains of traditions and that door led me to the whole new world of possibilities… Once I became aware of myself and you flew to me like a mirror of my everlasting want… Much can change for one year. Last year, around this time, we posted our New Year’s… Continue reading Cherry Chocolate Truffles

Lemon Disguised Mango Cheesecake

Shrouded in mystery, pretending to be someone else… But your true intentions stay hidden, your image blurred… Isn’t it lovely when you make a dessert and have some leftover filling to sample and lick the blender clean (watch for the knives!)? We had such luck with this pie! I made more cream than I could… Continue reading Lemon Disguised Mango Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Without you, I feel like I’m losing it. You are the glue what keeps me together. When I’m not with you, my world is crumbling… Trying to recall, I believe I had never eaten “the original” apple crumble. There were some apple recipes that my grandma used to make, though. Like “lenja pita” (literal translation… Continue reading Raw Vegan Apple Crumble