Cherry Chocolate Truffles

Once I broke free from the chains of traditions and that door led me to the whole new world of possibilities… Once I became aware of myself and you flew to me like a mirror of my everlasting want…

Much can change for one year. Last year, around this time, we posted our New Year’s dinner. It was a veganized version of our families’ traditions for years… heck, decades! Was it for the part that we enjoyed the “original“ that much, the attachment to peaceful times of childhood while eating those meals, for some reason, it wasn’t easy to let go.

This was the first New Years when we weren’t trying to emulate our “traditions“ and meals which we grew up with. No frantic menu preparing and buying extensive amounts of food. No vegan “ruska salata“, no pita… Nothing prepared in advance.

But before we made that decision (though it wasn’t a decision per say, it just happened) I was googling and trying to find a good raw vegan menu for the holidays. Most of the recipes required either dehydrator (it’ll be mine one day!) or veggies that are out of season: zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers… You can buy them now, but they look like a plastic and are not organic. So, none of that till spring/summer.

While searching for that New Years’ menu, I did find an interesting and easy recipe for chocolate truffles. I’m not a huge fan of getting my hands dirty with food (that is more of Mladen’s area! :)), but I decided to give them a go.

The ingredient list is short: soaked and drained walnuts, pitted dates, cacao powder and dried fruit. I used cherries, because I had them on hand. Procedure? Couldn’t be simpler: mix everything in food processor and then form sweet, little balls of joy! If you wish, you can roll them in shredded coconut, carob powder, some grounded nuts… go crazy! 🙂

Pros: Doesn’t require many ingredients, affordable, easy to make, delicious!

Cons: They are gone in no time! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Cherry Chocolate Truffles

  1. HELLO TRUFFLES! They look fantastic! 😀 Thanks for sharing this recipe. I definitely need to make these sometime… maybe for Valentine’s Day. 🙂


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