Finding Your True Path

I tried… I really did… For a while, almost got myself to believe I can be like them… It can never happen… I find a company in you and all days and years of my solace finally made sense… I was waiting for you without even knowing it… And now that you’ve found me we can together discover our true path and know peace… At last!

A few days ago I had a conversation with one of my coworkers. She was sort of teasing me about my cat avatars everywhere. I don’t mind, it is good-hearted fun and I am aware that I’m a crazy cat lady. She mentioned that at her previous job she had a coworker who was as enthusiastic about cats as I am, maybe even more. For him, she said, there couldn’t be greater joy, but to get away from this all: modern life, jobs, technology… To live in some wild, surrounded by nature and… you guess right, cats 🙂

What really struck me as interesting is the way she was saying that like it’s a bad thing. But while she was describing this to me, I saw it. I felt it. The immeasurable amount of serenity and peace. Fulfillment. For a moment it got me wondering: what’s wrong with her? How come she could not see the bliss that kind of life brings? Don’t get me wrong. She is an amazing professional, doing so many things, being so ambitious and thirsty for more knowledge. I am sure that will bring her closer to her goals. And I am happy for her. She is a better swimmer in these modern, capitalistic waters than I will ever be.

I consider myself an old soul. I would rather gaze through the window, read a good book than go out on a Friday night. I like little things. Small joys that add color to life. Though it is nice to treat myself occasionally with some trinket, I am far from being a materialist. It is the joy I seek and for me, it is found in the simplest of the things. Being in nature, watching the river flows and listening to the ruffling of leaves. Holding Mladen’s hand, smiling to each other over some tasty salad or a smoothie. In those moments I feel like I got everything figured out and I have everything I could ever need. Bliss!

But I do make wrong turns. There is still so much to learn about myself, about life. Sometimes the world gets to me. I struggle, feel disappointed, I cry. It is a challenge living modern life with an old, sensitive soul. When I master that, I will rise above all my fears and really ‘walk the walk’.

We are all different, special and unique in our own way. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to listen to a beautiful speech that a great man gave at a gathering of raw vegans. His words, but most of all, his energy was intoxicating, full of peace and love. Finding our path, our true path is why we are here, on this Earth. To find that deep tranquility and love inside of us. To be present in now, to love everything and everyone around us. We have to be open to investigate and recognize our true selves. And when we finally do, to do everything in our power to stay true to that path.

Do you ever feel like that? A complete sense of fulfillment and gratitude? Incredible peace like you know the answer to every question out there? Trust in love for every living being? If you haven’t, don’t stop searching for that feeling. It is out there, you just need to find your path. Maybe you’re closer than you think.

9 thoughts on “Finding Your True Path

  1. I love what you wrote. Everyone has different perspectives in life, that woman’s definition of paradise may be a busy and demanding life. For myself, I’d love to have a little cottage in the mountains with a dozen cats (I’m a crazy cat lady too), but sometimes I’d probably miss the city. It brings this sense of modern accomplishment whether we do something productive or not, just saying “I’m busy” makes us feel successful. But to decide what we want out of life, that takes time and I think it’s best found out in a tranquil and relaxing place.

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    1. In ideal world, we would be encouraged to seek our true path. To have time to really listen our inner voice and find what makes us tick. But, alas, one have many responsibilities which can stand on the way of really getting to know oneself. It’s not impossible, just takes a little longer. Always follow your inner voice! 🙂

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  2. I feel like that almost every moment of everyday. I’m where I should be, I have no regrets. The future does not frighten me because my present is all that matters. I have everything I need and even in times where my true heart gets rocked a bit off axis, I know how to get back there : Tomorrow is ALWAYS another day, all things are impermanent. It is a wonderful feeling… 🙂

    Beautiful post dear Milica, I wish you a wonderful week. xo


    1. Thank you so much! Believe it or not, I was thinking about you while writing this post. I suspected that you could find yourself between these lines. That feeling is something I was seeking long before I knew what it even was. Now, I know which path to follow. For a complete serenity, I need to do something I love, that I am really passionate about. When I find a way to make living of my interests, I believe the circle will be complete!

      Enjoy your week to the fullest! 🙂

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      1. You are so very sweet… And I agree, if you know what would make you happy, you shouldn’t put it off, just go for it and try to be the most compassionate person you can on that road. I’ve really been enjoying these more personal reflections from you and Mladen. I feel like I’m getting to know you guys so much better. Have a wonderful week as well.


      2. Posts about desserts are definitely more popular and though we enjoy them, from time to time we have a need to write something more personal. That way we feel our blog is complete representation or ourselves.
        Hopefully, with time I will figure out how to transform my passion for raw food, healthy living and compassion into a full-time job that I actually would enjoy! 😉

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