Sharing Love

Love is not just between two people. Love is everywhere around us. Loving life, loving sun, moon and the stars… Loving yourself! Pure love comes from inside and we nourish it with positive thoughts and kindness. And sometimes, with desserts!

These last two weeks were a little hectic for us, so I didn’t really plan or made any treat for today’s Love day. Soon I’ll get back into making delicious raw desserts, but for today I wanted to share a little love between fellow WordPress bloggers.

Without further ado, I present to you my picks (without particular order) of raw vegan treats for late Valentine’s bloomers:

Chocolate Pudding Cake by simply dish

Chocolate pudding raw vegan no bake no sugar no dairy cake

If this is not the perfect dessert to start this list I don’t know what is. Best of all, we shouldn’t suppose to have excuses to eat this creamy chocolaty delight!

Cacao Tahini Ballz by

Cacao tahini raw vegan quick to make truffles

Sometimes you really don’t want to get too crazy in the kitchen. You want to whip up something delicious, without too much of a hassle? This would be our pick for quick and easy treat!

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Cake by Yana van Maarseveen

Raw Vegan Berry Ice Cream Cake

Love is already keeping us warm, so no harm if we indulge ourselves with this frozen cake. Right? Look at those vibrant colors!

Raw Coconut Brownies With Nutty Chocolate Frosting by Clean Eats Charlotte

Raw Coconut Brownies With Nutty Chocolate Frosting, vegan, sugar free, dairy free

Like brownies themselves aren’t amazing enough, but adding a layer of chocolate frosting is transforming the ‘regular’ brownies in the work of culinary art!

Raw Blackforest Cake by Sheryl (Eat Green Cake)

Raw vegan cashew cherry cheesecake

When I first saw this, I was left speechless. So much filling on one cake has to mean the taste and the texture must be spectacular. Can’t wait to make this!

Raw Vegan Sugarfree Orange, Lemon & Blueberry “Cheesecake” by Kylie Kelly

Raw Vegan Sugarfree Orange Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

If you, like Kylie, had enough of chocolate for a while, this “cheesecake” is going to refresh you and still satisfy even the most picky sweet tooth. The slightly uneven shape of the cake gives such a relaxed, organic feel!

Cherry and Coconut Carob Ice Cream by Gloria (TheOrangeFairy)

Raw Vegan HCLF Cherry and Coconut Carob Ice Cream

Whether you like it softer of firmer (pun intended), this ice cream will blow your mind! It is sweet, sour and carob-y, fast to make and delicious. Who can say no to ice cream? Not us! 🙂

Hope you like my picks. Go and share some love! And Happy Valentine’s day!

Celebrate life and love for everything and everyone whole year around! ❤



15 thoughts on “Sharing Love

    1. It is a pleasure to share these beauties! 🙂 Though we try to eat mainly high carb low fat vegan diet, sometimes it is nice to indulge in some sweet, nutty treat. And Valentine’s day seems like a perfect excuse 🙂
      Also, we have noticed when we stopped cooking food, all of our cravings were gone. Even if we do get them, it is regular hunger, not “I have to eat this or I’ll die’ 😀


      1. So, you have discovered true vs. emotional hunger. 😀 It’s kind of a surprise when you think of all the reasons why one used to eat, and that only one of them was true hunger. 🙂 Changing eating habits can also be a sort of mental detox, when you come to think of it.


      2. It absolutely is a mental detox! Processed food is harmful not just for the body, but for the mind as well. When you start eating a cleaner diet, your mind clears also. My husband and I call it ‘seeing the Matrix’ 😀


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