Raw Vegan Coconut Balls

Sprinkle some positivity on everything… Life looks so much better that way… Coconut will work, too

As I promised earlier, in the Coconut Cream Pie post, we are continuing the coconut series. This time with my interpretation of favorite childhood sweet – Raffaello coconut truffles.

I have decided to try my best and note the measurements for the future recipes, so hopefully, this one is the last with just an ingredients list. Nevertheless, I hope you give them a try, they deserve it. Just don’t be afraid to taste it once in a while, and you can’t go wrong.

OK, let’s go.

raw vegan coconut balls, truffles

White, outside part: pre-soaked raw cashews and dates, desiccated coconut, vanilla powder, coconut oil. Drain and rinse cashews and dates and place them into the food processor. If needed, add a little coconut oil, to make the mixture a little creamier. In the processor or in a bowl, after you created your cashew-date base, add the rest of the ingredients: coconut, vanilla and coconut oil.

*Instead of coconut oil, you can use cacao butter, which is going to make creating balls a little bit easier. If you decide, like me, to use coconut oil, the finished mixture should be placed for a while (not more than half an hour, even less) in a freezer, to allow it to firm up and make it more manageable.

raw vegan coconut raffaello balls, truffles

Filling: pre-soaked cashew nuts and dates, cacao and carob powder, melted cacao butter. Just as before, mix drained cashews and dates in food processor. Instead of dates, you can also use stevia, agave or maple syrup. Add cacao and carob powder and melted cacao butter.

*With using some liquid form of sweetener, the filling will probably be more of a creamy texture, which is good. My filling was a little hard to work with because of the cacao butter, so you can either opt it with coconut oil, or add a little coconut oil if it is too firm.

The rest is easy and messy. Take a spoonful of whitish mass, place it in a palm of your hand, make it flat. Add a little filling, close up the truffle and roll it in your palms until you get a nice round shape. Coat finished balls in some desiccated coconut, place in a fridge to firm up and enjoy!

raw vegan coconut raffaello balls

Be warned: the flavor combination of coconut sweetness and rich chocolate filling is very seductive! 🙂


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