Raw Coconut Cupcakes

It seems like it’s been forever… But, now I have you in my life once again… I will never let you go… my dear coconut! 😀 It really does seem like ages passed since I posted the last coconut dessert. The truth is that we’ve been waiting for a new batch of raw coconut flakes… Continue reading Raw Coconut Cupcakes

Raw Vegan Coconut Balls

Sprinkle some positivity on everything… Life looks so much better that way… Coconut will work, too As I promised earlier, in the Coconut Cream Pie post, we are continuing the coconut series. This time with my interpretation of favorite childhood sweet – Raffaello coconut truffles. I have decided to try my best and note the… Continue reading Raw Vegan Coconut Balls

Coconut Cream Pie

Remember your childhood? Mine smelled of freshly baked coconut cookies and vanilla… My love for coconuts traces back to my early childhood. I still remember making Raffaello truffles with, then hard to find powdered milk and those sticky fingers. There was a phase when every dessert my mom made had to contain coconuts by my… Continue reading Coconut Cream Pie