Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Without you, I feel like I’m losing it. You are the glue what keeps me together. When I’m not with you, my world is crumbling…

Trying to recall, I believe I had never eaten “the original” apple crumble. There were some apple recipes that my grandma used to make, though. Like “lenja pita” (literal translation “lazy pie”), than apple pie made with filos and lots of cinnamon, sometimes with walnuts and probably the one with the funniest name “jabuke u slafroku”. The literal translation would be “apples in a housecoat” or “apples in bath robe”. The Serbian word “slafrok” actually comes from the German word “Schlafrock“, which means „dressing gown“. Anyway, it is round slices of apple coated in dough of eggs, flour, sugar and milk and then deep fried. Usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon afterwards

Alright, enough with linguistics and insight into Serbian cuisine! Let us get back to the present and our raw vegan apple crumble. We try to buy organic fruits and veggies as much as we can, since the selection tends to vary. Since we don’t eat regular apples (we bloat like balloons from them), I get ecstatic when we find organic ones in our supermarket. Sometimes too much, so I buy like it’s the apocalypse 🙂 Having so many apple lying around the house, I decided to put them in a good use and make something with them. That is how I stumbled on the recipe of raw vegan apple crumble from… guess who? Yes, sweetlyraw.

For a crust and crumble I used soaked walnuts, mixed in the food processor with the coconut flakes, vanilla and dates. The middle layer or the filling consisted of apple purée (apple, dates, cinnamon and nutmeg) mixed with some pieces of apple chopped in food processor.

That’s it! It is delicious, sweet and healthy. Depending of what kind of apple you use, it can turn out sweeter or more sour. I leave that decision to you! 🙂

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