The Spark of Life

Now, I know this is not a popular opinion, but for me it is the way I dance the  rhythm of  this  moving  world. It is the way of how I feel life.

Just look how far we came.

holding-handsThe study is everlasting, and I can hold your hand through it all.

Just like your hold is strong on me…

Somewhere in my distorted mind I find everything I need to see the world as a child. And this is me trying to be clear as much as possible on that. So here it goes.

This is for you Maria. I’m ready to accept that you are here.

I wasn’t always a man who I am today. My cries of longing and my wails of sorrow tormented my soul. I have been hiding for so long, aimlessly drifting in the sea of questions.

But you already knew that, Maria. You were there with me that day, when that lone wolf fired up my soul.

You also sat with me at the source of wisdom.

Not so long ago, someone dear to my heart has opened my eyes to some of the most interesting things I have heard in my whole life. Homeopathy is an amazing thing. And every day I am learning just how much.

And now you are probably wondering where in the world I found strength to face you?

Well I take my vitamins, you know…

And I’m changing my world. But first I have to change myself.

This is how I’m going to start. By not mistaking myself for you again.

I’m a twinless twin. And I can sense your presence in my heart, although you belong to a different kind of world.

Now, let me show you something…

You see there… That day when we were born… I know you did something special and beautiful. You shared your death with me…

Thank you for that…

But you are not alone.

You made me a scholar. And there is so much for us to learn.

I love you Maria.

Because, there is such a thing as Love in the Darkness.

You see? I found you in the silence of that love.

And I hope that you’ll be able to, in that very silence, find the spark of life…


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