Coconut Cream Pie

Remember your childhood? Mine smelled of freshly baked coconut cookies and vanilla…

My love for coconuts traces back to my early childhood. I still remember making Raffaello truffles with, then hard to find powdered milk and those sticky fingers. There was a phase when every dessert my mom made had to contain coconuts by my request. My grandpa always complained that it gets stuck between his teeth, but eagerly ate it nevertheless.

I wanted to make an homage to coconut desserts, so I thought of my very first, without inspiration from other recipe – coconut cream pie. Probably there are similar recipes on the Internet, but this is all me. So, sorry there will be no exact measures. If I continue to think of new, original recipes, I will try to note how much of what I use, because I understand it’s easier for some people to have guidelines, especially if you’re new to raw veganism.

Without further ado, let’s see what I prepared for you this time:

Crust – soaked walnuts (around 200 grams), around 10 dates, coconut shavings, cacao and vanilla powder to taste and a bit of Himalayan salt. Drain walnuts, add the rest of the ingredients into a food processor and mix until crumbly. Press the crust in pie pan and put into the fridge while you prepare the cream.

Cream – this is where you can get creative. If you can find coconut cream, this can be a really quick recipe. Alas, here in Serbia coconut cream and even full fat coconut milk is still a dream. So, I used organic coconut milk 200ml, around 200 grams of soaked cashews, around 10 dates, half a cup of coconut oil and some more coconut shavings. Blend everything in blender or food processor until smooth.

Spread the cream over the crust and decorate according to your inspiration 🙂 I only sprinkled carob powder and coconut shavings. Stick it in a fridge for a few hours and the feast can begin!

Stay tuned, more coconut dessert recipes are on their way!

18 thoughts on “Coconut Cream Pie

    1. Yes, only with desserts I take time to play around, make them nice and take pictures. Most of our meals lately are 1-mintue concoctions in the blender, so not pretty photogenic. Once we get dehydrator, I can play little more with some raw breads and crackers. Already have some pretty nice ideas for dips and vegan pâtés 🙂


      1. Oooh, a dehydrator! You’re going to be able to make all kinds of amazing dips and pates. Can’t wait to see them! Was a dehydrator expensive? I know that plenty of restaurants have them, but you’re the first people I know to experiment with one at home!

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      2. I already make pates in our food processor and we eat them with soups. Maybe during weekend I’ll take some photos to share them on blog. I’ve seen some great recipes with dehydrator, so can’t wait to try it. They are on a pricey side, but I’m hoping to get one soon. I’m more concerned about the noise, ’cause I read somewhere that some models can be pretty noisy… We’ll just have to see! 🙂


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